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Our work hardening program is a highly structured, goal oriented, individualized treatment program designed to maximize the individual’s ability to return to work. At Rehab4work, we provide a multidisciplinary and individualized approach to work hardening that includes real or simulated work tasks and progressively graded exercises that are based on the individual’s measured tolerances.

Essential Components of Our Work Hardening Program

  • Physical conditioning

  • Simulation of Specific and/or general work requirements

  • Training and/or modification of activities of daily living

  • Injury prevention and wellness education

  • Cognitive-behavioral pain management training

  • Education designed to return an injured federal worker to his/her previous employment and improve his/her pain

To learn more about this program and how you may enroll, please contact Rehab4Work in Garland, Texas today by calling (972) 677-7005.


Contact our Work Injury Experts today!

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