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Trigger Point Injections in Garland, Texas

A trigger point injection may be recommended by Dr. Osuagwu for patients who experience chronic pain that results from knotted muscles formed in particular spots across the body. These spots are known as trigger points, which can become quite painful as the muscles continue to get tighter over time and potentially affect surrounding tissues or nerves. In order to relax these areas and provide the patient with effective relief from their painful symptoms, a trigger point injection is given in-office by Dr. Osuagwu.

Conditions Treated by Trigger Point Injections

In theory, a trigger point injection can be used anywhere on the body where a hardened knot has developed. Muscle groups commonly treated with this treatment method include the neck, lower back, arms, and legs. At Rehab4Work, our providers often recommend trigger point injections for patients that suffer from:

  • Tension headaches

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Myofascial pain syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome is a broad term used to describe chronic pain that targets both the trigger point and any surrounding tissue. This syndrome can be brought on by a specific injury, poor posture, recurring movements, or high stress levels.

Related Treatments and Remedies

Trigger point injections are commonly suggested in addition to prescribed medication and/or physical therapy. Patients may attempt to find relief first by trying different muscle relaxers, or by practicing various physical therapy exercises. If these treatments are unable to provide sufficient relief, then Dr. Osuagwu may recommend that patients consider a trigger point injection as a logical next step in their treatment process.

How the Injection Works

A trigger point injection can consist of several components, including a local anesthetic, saline, and a corticosteroid. This injection is administered during a brief visit to our office in Garland, Texas. During the visit, Dr. Osuagwu will numb the area before applying the injection to the targeted trigger point, and patients can return to normal activities immediately afterward.

Trigger point injections are very safe. Side effects are rarely reported, and are typically quite mild if experienced. These risks can include bleeding or infection at the treatment site, and should be addressed by Dr. Osuagwu right away. More commonly, patients can expect some numbness or slight soreness at the injection site.

How Effective Are Trigger Point Injections?

Results can vary on a case-by-case basis, with some patients reporting instantaneous relief as soon as their injection is given, and others who begin to experience an improvement in the days or even weeks following their injection. It is also possible for some individuals not to notice any difference in their symptoms after a trigger point injection, though several studies have concluded that the majority of patients who receive this type of injection do experience some degree of reduction in their pain levels.

Learn More from Dr. Osuagwu

If you believe that trigger point injections may be able to help you and your recurring pain, please contact Rehab4Work to schedule a consultation today! Our specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, review your medical history to analyze past treatments and injuries, and give their professional recommendations on what type of treatment they believe to be best for you and your lifestyle.


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