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The Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) defines an occupational disease or illness as “a medical condition produced in the work environment over a period longer than a single work day or shift and caused by such factors as systemic infection, continued or repeated stress or strain, or exposure to hazardous elements such as, but not limited to, toxins, poisons, fumes, noise, particles of radiation, or other continued or repeated conditions or factors of the environment. Furthermore, it has to occur beyond a single workday or shift. If however it only happens during a single workday or shift, then it would be considered a traumatic injury.

What is occupational disease claim?

It is an injury that resulted over a long period of perfuming your job duty. When does occupational disease claim happen? It is usually as a result of repetitive action while you perform your job duty.

Type of medical needed to support occupational disease claim?

Our team of federal workers comp doctors will help you with appropriate medical needed

Can you report occupational disease claim to your family doctor. Yes. You will more than likely be referred to a physician that does Federal Workers claims. What is the time frame to file occupational disease claim. You have 3 years to file Occupational disease claim.

It is important to carefully state the job history that caused the occupational disease. It is also important to have a complete and well detailed medical to support occupational disease claim.

It is possible that your current job duty may contribute to occupational disease claim. You need the physician’s opinion to support occupational disease claim.

As a general rule, an occupational disease or injury is more difficult to prove than a claim based on traumatic injury. Our team of federal workers comp doctors and DOL-OWCP coordinators will help you properly file your occupational disease claim. To be successful with these claims, one must have a detailed medical report from you attending physician and an employee statement. Our federal workers comp/DOL Physicians are well versed on how to properly link your injury to your federal job.


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