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Continuation of Pay (COP) is a continuation of an injured federal employee’s regular pay for up to 45 calendar days of loss of wages due to either medical treatment or a disability. It is paid by the employing agency (employer) only when there is a traumatic injury. Hence, employees with occupational disease claims are not eligible to receive Continuation of Pay (COP). To file for Continuation of Pay (COP) benefit, the injured federal employee must use form CA-1 “Federal Employee’s Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/compensation. Examples of traumatic injury suffered by a federal employee that could make you eligible for continuation of pay (COP) include but not limited to sprain/strains, fractures, burns, contusion/blunt trauma, abrasion, wrist sprain, fall injuries etc.

Why file for Continuation of Pay?  What is needed to file Continuation of Pay? Who pays Continuation of Pay? Do you receive Continuation of Pay before your injury is accepted? What happens if Continuation of Pay is denied? Why is Continuation of Pay (COP)not paid? What do you do to get. What is the time frame to file Continuation of Pay? All these are very important questions that are valuable to properly handling your DOL-OWCP claim to receive the Continuation of Pay (COP) benefit that you deserve.

Do not assume that Continuation of Pay is automatic. It is not, you must provide your employing agency applicable documentation in a timely manner. Usually, your employment agency reserves the right to pay Continuation of Pay. Inadequate documentation will delay Continuation of Pay (COP). Let the experts at Rehab4work handle the documentation required to receive your continuation of Pay benefits. If you believe that you are entitled for Continuation of Pay (COP) benefit, please call us immediately and speak with one of our DOL-OWCP coordinators.


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