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  • Is there a charge involved if I receive care at your facility?
    You will not have a copay, medical bill or out of pocket expense with Rehab4Work. We will take care of all aspects of your medical care from requesting appropriate diagnostic test, proper and timely documentation of your medical report, and necessary treatments required. Our case managers will handle the administrative aspect of your claim
  • What is workers compensation?
    Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.
  • Who do you provide services to?
    We pride ourselves in specializing only in federal workers compensation/DOL. We work with employees from all federal agencies. We currently do not accept any private or Texas state workers compensation claims.
  • I recently got injured at my job, how long does it take to get my claim accepted?
    Once you come into our facility, we will start the necessary treatment immediately. On average it takes 4-6wks to get your case open with the Department of Labor. We continue your treatments during this period and the key to getting your claim accepted is having proper documentation which we are experts in. Our case managers will help you get and process the necessary paperwork. We always tell our patients to notify us immediately of any correspondence they receive from the DOL as this can be crucial in processing their claims timely.
  • I recently got injured on my job, what documents do I need to bring with me to your facility for my first visit?
    We have an online form we recommend to pre-fill to give us a general idea of your injury. While it is not absolutely necessary, it will help us accommodate you quickly and efficiently. If you have reported the injury to your employing agency please obtain a copy of the incident report from your supervisor and bring with you.
  • What is FECA?
    FECA (Federal Employees Compensation Act) is a law which provides benefits to federal employees who have suffered work-related injuries or occupational diseases. It is administered by the OWCP (Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs) US Department of Labor.
  • What are some of these benefits under FECA?
    The benefits include payment of medical expenses and compensation for wage loss. In addition, FECA also provides payment of benefits to dependents of employees who die from work-related injuries. One important distinction is that FECA does not provide any retirement benefits. You can contact our office and speak with one of our DOL specialists for further information regarding benefits you are entitled to.
  • Does FECA cover a pre-existing medical condition aggravated by factors of employment?
    Yes. Our Medical Staff and DOL Specialist will assist you with the details.
  • I’m a federal employee and I recently got injured on my job, what must I do first?
    First, you must report the injury to your supervisor immediately. Secondly, contact Rehab 4 Work for assistance. You always have a choice in your medical in who provides your medical care. If you sustained a traumatic injury, then medical treatment is needed which our facility is well equipped to treat you. You will have to obtain authorization (Form CA-16) from your supervisor for treatment by a physician of your choice. You always have the right to choose a treating physician of your choice. If you are involved in a traumatic injury, you will have to furnish your supervisor with medical evidence of any disability Which Rehab4Work again will assist you with within 10 calendar days of claiming Continuation of pay.
  • What forms do I need to report an injury or disease?
    Form CA-1 (Federal Employee’s Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation is used to report a traumatic injury Form CA-2 (Notice of Occupational disease and Claim for Compensation) is used to report and occupational disease. Rehab4Work DOL experts will assist you in filling out these forms and any other forms necessary to get your claim accepted in a timely manner since most forms are very time sensitive.
  • What is the difference between a traumatic injury and occupational disease?
    A traumatic injury is a wound or condition of the body caused by an external force including a strain or sprain. This injury must occur at specific date/time/place to a specific body part and must be caused by a single/series of events within a single working day. In contrast, an occupational disease is a condition produced by the work environment over a period longer than one working day/shift.
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