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Skills-based Evaluation for A New Job

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When you are offered a job that comes with essential physical requirements, a pre-placement test may be requested prior to starting the job.  A Pre-Placement Test is also known as a pre-employment physical or Human Performance Evaluation (HPE).  The HPE only screens for skills that are needed on a regular basis.  The test is customized to your specific responsibilities to gauge your abilities to protect you from getting injured on the job.


At Rehab4Work, we only use licensed therapist to conduct Human Performance Evaluations.  The ADApt® program was developed in response to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its impact on occupational medicine.  An HPE test is not discriminatory towards qualified employees in compliance with the ADA regulations.  Every employee has different capabilities and physical limitations.  Our license therapists will evaluate your capabilities and help your employer to set you up for success before you start your job, by placing you in a position to excel based on your capabilities. 

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During your pre-placement physical, our licensed physical therapists take methodical steps with a thorough review of your medical records and occupational history along with medical exam used for pre-employment, and return to work testing that includes our physical therapist evaluating your capabilities by having you perform functional tasks, such as lifting, carrying, pulling and pushing ability.

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The HPE test benefits you because it is solely designed to pre-evaluate your physical abilities so that when you get the job you can successfully complete the job tasks.  Depending on your job description you may be asked to perform such tasks as pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying before you are hired.  

Once you are hired, if you are injured at work and it causes you to miss work or hampers your ability to complete your physical tasks, your employer might require an HPE prior to returning to work to ensure that it's safe for you to resume all functions of the job, and to assess your limitations while on the job to reduce the risk of re-injury.

It is also important that our physical therapist replicate the physical demands associated with your job task to identify ergonomic risk factors to help your employer improve repetitive tasks and working conditions to avoid future injuries that happens overtime which can also improve safety measures.


Compliant Screening for Job Applicants

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There are strict rules regarding what can and can’t be expected of potential workers during pre-employment tests.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) limit the use of these tests to specific situations to prevent discrimination. If a job requires a functional test, it must be given to every employee offered a job for that job title.

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Test components vary depending on what each job requires a worker to do.  There are many different types of pre-employment tests we administer that
meet all ADA and EEOC requirements like the  DOT physicals and drug testing.  The most common test
is the "Human Performance Evaluation," or HPE test. 
Regardless of the name or types of tests, every pre-employment test must meet all ADA and EEOC requirements.

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