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It is an injury that occurred as a result of a previously accepted injury. Is it possible to sustain a Consequential Injury at home? Could a Consequential Injury happen at work, or at the store? Not all injury resulted from your work condition. Your statement is very important. The physician report is equally important. What is needed to file Consequential Injury claim. Do you have an open claim, if so, do have a Consequential Injury. Why do you think you have Consequential Injury? These are some of the questions that must be addressed to determine if Consequential Injury occurred.  Please contact one of our DOL-OWCP coordinators to assist you with filling a consequential injury claim.

Are you back to work? Are you working with restrictions? Are you working full duty? What type of symptoms are you having? Did you have surgery as a result of your injury? What are you doing when this current injury occurred? Answer to these questions may determine if Consequential Injury occurred.

Another definition of a consequential injury is an injury that occurs as a result of impairment or weakness caused by a previous work-related injury. It essentially revolves around the logic of chain of events. If the second injury is as a result of an already accepted OWCP original injury, then that second injury or condition is a consequence of the original injury and would be accepted by OWCP/DOL. For an employee to file a consequential injury claim with the Department of Labor OWCP, the injured federal worker must write a detailed employee statement explaining how the proposed consequential injury is related to the original injury which our onsite DOL case managers will assist with, and also a detailed medical narrative which our team of doctors will help with after appropriate diagnostic tests have been ordered. To file a consequential injury, the injured federal worker will complete a form CA-2a along with the medical report to the OWCP.


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