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Federal Claims Management

Federal Workers Comp Filing Assistance in Garland, TX

The experts at Rehab4Work specialize in the treatment of work injuries for federal employees. Department of Labor (DOL) injuries require highly specialized training for a patient’s medical and administrative staff to be well versed in all the nuances and intricacies of federal workers' compensation. Federal workers comp requires the submission of unique forms for multiple different circumstances including forms CA-1 and CA-2 for reporting work injuries. Our federal worker's comp medical doctors will help accurately document your Department of Labor (DOL) injury, and we are aware that poor documentation of your injuries can lead to not receiving benefits that you are entitled to during treatment.

We have onsite Department of Labor-OWCP coordinators and federal workers' compensation doctors at all times to assist you with your DOL-OWCP claim.

Rehab4work doctors are proficient in

  • Schedule Award Impairment ratings using 6th edition AMA Guides

  • Assistance with filling out the required forms

  • Comprehensive and detailed medical narratives

  • Assistance with getting your medical upgrades, recurrence of injury claims, traumatic (CA-1) and occupational injury (CA-2) claims accepted

  • Assistance with COP (Continuation of Pay)

  • Assistance with filing for OPM disability benefit​

We know the importance of filling your OWCP claim correctly. If you file your claim incorrectly, you could lose your benefits or cause a delay in receiving the benefits you are entitled to. Oftentimes when one has sustained a work-related injury, the necessary steps to take toward receiving workers' compensation can be overwhelming in addition to recovering from that injury. Our DOL-OWCP coordinators are available to assist you with your Department of Labor (DOL) injury. Furthermore, we all would like to assume that the medical care and paperwork run smoothly when it comes to Department of Labor injuries, however, this isn’t always the case. The federal worker's comp providers at Rehab4work and onsite DOL-OWCP coordinators are prepared for obstacles that may occur during this process and we will take a proactive approach with your injury to get you safely back to work.


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