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Assist with Wage Loss Forms

Assist with Wage Loss Forms

Assist with Wage Loss Forms

It is a temporary payment to injured federal worker that is unable to perform the work duty. Possible questions that will determine, if you qualify for wage loss payment are.

Who is entitled to receive wage loss payment? What is needed to get wage loss payment?  How do you file for wage loss payment?  How often do you file for wage loss payment?  Do you get wage loss payment if your physician says you can work? Are you currently working? Why will your claim for wage loss payment be denied. Are you working with restrictions? Did you have surgery? These again are very important questions that must be addressed and considered to qualify for a wage loss payment.

We have experienced DOL-OWCP medical providers and coordinators that will assist you with properly filling for wage loss claim.

You may be entitled to wage loss compensation if you are an injured federal worker who no longer is able to return to work when COP (Continuation of Pay) ends or even if you are not entitled to Continuation of Pay (COP) you may still claim compensation for wage loss. Also, if you are an injured federal employee that has returned to work but still requires ongoing medical treatment during work hours you may claim compensation for lost wages while you are undergoing treatment or traveling to and from treatment. As a general rule, each claim for compensation must meet certain requirements before it is accepted by the Department of Labor (DOL); timely filing of claim, you must be a federal civilian employee, there must be an established fact of injury, you must be in performance of duty and a causal relationship between your injury and employment has to be established.

If you feel that you are eligible for a wage loss payment please call and speak with one of our DOL-OWCP coordinators.

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