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Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic Injuries

A traumatic injury is a wound or condition of the body caused by an external force including a strain or sprain. This injury must occur at specific date/time/place to a specific body part and must be caused by a single/series of events within a single working day. Remember that when deciding on whether to file for a CA-1 or CA-2 injury one should first try to answer the following questions: What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Why did it happen? How did it happen?

What is a traumatic injury? It is an injury that occurred in one work day, it can be as a result of multiple events or a single episode.

What are some examples of a traumatic injury that a federal employee may sustain?

  • Burns
  • Femur fracture
  • Wound laceration
  • Sprain/Strain
  • Abrasion
  • Contusions/blunt trauma
  • Crush Injuries
  • Sternum fracture
  • Thumb fracture
  • Wrist fracture
  • Rib fracture
  • Dislocation
  • Concussion
  • Frostbite
  • Dog bite with or without complication
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Rupture of Achilles tendon

How does traumatic injury occurred. Who is entitled to file a traumatic injury claim? Are you eligible to file a traumatic injury claim? If the injury occurred at home, are you eligible to file traumatic injury.    You are on your way to work, suddenly, you got rear ended, can you file traumatic injury? You are at lunch outside the work place, you sustain an injury, can you file traumatic injury claim. There are certain exceptions to FECA guideline that could make it possible for you to file traumatic injury claim. Let us know your story. If you are eligible to file, what form are you required to file traumatic injury and who completes the form.

You must report a traumatic injury claim as soon as it happened to your immediate supervisor. Request a copy of your incident report, and completed Form CA-1.

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