Understanding Federal workers compensation

March 10, 2017

personal injury form and chart

Federal workers compensation laws utilize some different regulatory agencies, changing the process notably compared to state workers compensation laws, which are used in cases involving the majority of employment positions. Generally speaking, the primary difference between federal workers’ compensation and state workers’ compensation laws is the uniformity of each and the types of employees that can use these systems. While state laws differ from state to state, federal compensation standards can apply nation-wide for federal employees.

The federal compensation structure runs off the Federal Employees Compensation Act and, subsequently, the substructures of the Department of Labor. As employees working for the federal government do not necessarily benefit from their state employment and compensation laws, there must be a system that can adequately protect the rights and benefits of federal employees across the country. Specifically, the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs serves federal employees in terms of filing for their proper benefits.

When a federal employee gets an injury while doing something related to his job, he is entitled to several benefits from the government. One of these is lost wages or compensation. During the period when they are unable to report to work while recuperating from an injury, one may receive such compensation.

However, even federal government employees are not totally safe from bureaucratic lapses. Whether these are caused by mere negligence or by erroneous decisions on the part of the agency involved, these can be quite disconcerting for the hapless injured federal workers. These may take the form of outright denial of claims or requests for federal workers compensation.

Sometimes, the requests may just be set aside also due to what the agency may perceive as more pressing concerns. However, regardless of what the reasons are, it is the obligation of the federal government to grant benefits for the injured federal workers in accordance to the laws. If the injured federal worker does not know their rights, they may just let these things pass.

Not knowing your rights means not having the benefits that the employee deserves. This means forfeiting the funds that he may need to cover the cost of being unable to work. Therefore, this is not a practical move, at all. This will only put the employee at the losing end.


If you are a federal government employee, and are suffering from injuries acquired at work, you may be eligible for federal workers compensation. Contact us and speak with one of our Department of Labor case workers about your case.